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Function Test Module | FX Series


Each FX module is specified one which is suitable for 5 inches bay.
You can operate each module on the specified software in PC. It is used USB connection between modules and PC.
You can connect MAX 16 modules which include digital IO module,relay module and so on.
In case you want to use function inspection system which are combined with several modules, it will implement by our environment generation software(FX-Builder) easily.It is possible to implement by your own software as each module is compatible for Active(X).
(Notes)ActiveX is compatible for latest Windows 7 32bit.

FX function module lineup

FX-210 FX-300 FX-500 FX-510
Short/Open Checker
Digital Multi Meter
128Ch digital IO
64Ch isolated digital IO
FX-610 FX-620 FX-700 FX-710
1:32x4 circuit diagram multiplexer
48 channel relay
Multi function test
Multi source meter

Function Test Programming Software FX-Builder

ファンクションシステム構築環境ソフト FX-Builder

FX-Builder is a newly born software to create and run Test Program for Focus-FX series modules. Since it uses a table format for programming, it allows easy creation of Test Program even for a PC beginner with a little knowledge through training for basic operation method and ; in addition, it is so designed for enabling people other than a creator of the Test Program to understand operation flow of the program easily.

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