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32In、32Out Insulated Digital I/O Module | FX-510

FX-510 Main Unit


Analog equipments which is sensitive to a noise, highly precise measurement device.

Insulated digital input/output with the photo coupler is indispensable to inspection devices.

By the condensing new technology during its original development, a judgment from input and output alone ca be defined. It is designed as a handyman function in an experiment/a manufacturing spot.


Multi-channnel photo-coupler insulated I/O ports/

32 photo-coupler input circuit (Triggered LED protection).
32 photo-coupler output circuit.
Preferred bits can be set retaining the other bits.

Easy operation

The operation is achieved with the panel software on Windows.
 Operation method similar to general Windows application.
The measurement, the control, the power supply are divided each unit, and maintenance is easy.  

USB Connection

Connects with PC using UISB 2.0 bus.

Space-saving test package

Compact body size 146(W) x 42(H) x 221(D)mm
Application as a desktop type tester or incorporating into a universal fixture is easy.

Integrated software

Test strategy environment is easily achievable with the use of optional software "FX-Builder/Tester".


Measurement input
Channels 32ch
Maximum activation voltage on the LED input side 15.0V
Minimum activation voltage on the LED input side 3.3V
Channels 32ch
Current range on the output side (In point of contact ON) 10mA
Applied voltage to the output side 5.0 to 24V
External I/F USB2.0
General Spec
Power supply  5VDC AC-DC adaptor(100V)
size 146×42×221mm
Temperature 0 - 50 degree
Humidity 20 - 80%(without dew condensation)

FX510 Panel Software
FX510 Panel Software
Function Test Module | FX Series more
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