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Advanced 3D Automatic X-Ray Inspection | V810 S2EX

Advanced 3D Automatic X-Ray Inspection | V810 S2EX


Advanced 3D Automatic X-Ray Inspection | V810 S2EX
What's V810 S2EX?

V810 is "3D Automatic X-ray inspection System" that corresponds to the double side mounting SMT-PCB that is not able to be checked by a transmission-type X-ray machine. It has the ability to detect a wide range of defects, and It have 100% complete defect detection capability in the Hip-defective. And, it is the inspection machine of world's highest level that combines the ability of the ultra-fast test speed and the lowest false call positives further.

Ease of Programming
Custom focus region for POP
Reduce the setup of POP slice height and improve focus accuracy on POP.
Intelligent Initial Learning
Auto learning feature that reduces program setup time.
Package Library
Intelligently populate package information across production board.
Virtual Live 2
Failure analysis tools to view multiple slice image instantly.
CAD Creator
Capability to create CAD from Printed Circuit Board (PCBA) verification Image or SMT mounter machine's info.
Ease of Programming
Advanced Technologies
Proprietary Hybrid Auto Focus Technology
Intelligently focus on desired Z-height without any mechanical movement from X-ray or stage.
Solder Profile Characteristic
Provide thorough system information for troubleshooting
Dynamic Range Optimization (DRO)
Produce high quality X-Ray images on very heavily shaded components and non-uniformly shaded component.
Advanced Technologies
Image Quality
Image Enhancement
Multi image enchancer techniques to improve image clarity on multi layers component for void detection and visual verification.
3D CT Image
3D modeling viewer at V810 and VVTS repair station.
Point Spread Function (PSF)
Improve image clarity on 2.5D and help operator to make better judgement.
Image Quality
Improve Test Coverage

Advanced algorithm with more than 20 joint types selestion.

Phase Shift Profilometry (PSP 2)
Improve accuracy and test coverage on 100% Pressfit and PTH board.
New Voiding Algorithm
Improve the accuracy of detecting various type of voids on the component especially on large pad greater than 1 inch.
PTH Detection
PTH wetting fully compliance with IPC wetting standard. Can define up to slices to determine barrel fill percentage on PTH.
Additional 3 user-defined slices to improve HIP detection.
Broken Pin Algorithm
Capability to detect broken pin within PTH area and its surrounding area.
Images of Test Coverage
Ease of Buy Off
ViTrox Verification Tool Solution (VVTS) Repair Station
A clear and user friendly defect verification tool allows the operator to review inspection results easily and accurately.
Auto Reject
Automatically reject defective joints without operator buyoff.
Good Image Comparison
Effectively improve operator disposition experience
Diagnostic Image
Highlightvoiding area and show voiding area percentage.
2.5D PTH & BGA Angle View
Provide most angle view images in market.
Ease of Buy Off


Board Dimensions
Maximum panel size 482mm X 610mm (19" x 24")
Minimum panel size 76mm X 76mm (3" x 3")
Maximum panel inspectable area 474mm X 610mm (18.7" x 24")
Maximum panel thickness 7 mm (276 mils)
Minimum panel thickness 0.5mm (20 mils)
Panel warp Downside < 3.0mm; Upside < 1.5mm (PSP)
Maximum panel weight 4.5kg
Minimum panel weight 0.03kg
Board top clearance 50mm @ 23um resolution
38mm @ 19um resolution
11mm @ 11um resolution
(calculated from board top surface)
Board bottom clearance 70mm
Panel edge clearance 3mm
Panel width tolerance 3mm
System resolution 11um/19um/23um
100% Press-fit testability Yes (With PSP2 feature)
Maximum acceptable panel temperatures 40 Deg C
System Dimension
Footprint 1566mm (W) x 2145mm (D) x 1972mm (H)
Weight ~3500kg
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