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In-Circuit Tester | Focus-2000Plus


Feature of Focus-2000Plus
1. Industrial PC (Factory Automation PC)

The computer part was integrated in the measurement unit so far. But, they are separated to individual part and it implemented much better function and easy maintenance. Industrial PC(Factory Automation PC) is integrated as a PC part, because it can be supplied stably ,highly relied on and have long life performance. It realized long-life stable performance as both communication speed and measurement process speed became more stable than before. In case of trouble of PC part, you may just repair or replace only Industrial PC. Smooth and speedy maintenance will reduce cost .

2. Additional function (Constance current apply voltage measurement【D.CCV】mode for light emitting diode inspection)
3. Manage the measurement results using barcode or QR code
4. Integrate management system for several ICTs.
5. Traceability system compatible

Debugging support function

It might have spent much time for debugging after introduced ICT into your production line.
Focus-2000Plus has various debugging support function such as auto guarding pin setting in order to debug easily and measure accurately.


Semiconductor relays which are no lifetime are used for MPX switches which are tuned ON and OFF continuously. It achieved maintenance cost reduction. And there is no stress for inspected boards as static electric is not built-up.

Easy operation

System OS is Microsoft Windows 7. Operator doesn’t need to know how to operate this machine as software is similar to Windows application. User can set the function ristriction using password protection easily. This can protect both your important measurement data and control setting.

Various options

Barcode reader、SQL data base server compatible 、JTAG Test、High voltage test、 Low resistance measurement by using 4 wire measurement、Multi press(MAX 3 unit)、Press safety cover

Tester Specification

Test Points 256Pins Std.〜MAX 2048Pin
can be added on(per 128Pins)
Test step Infinity(up to memory device)
Multi programs・Multi blocks
Guarding MAX 5 points, MAX input current 20mA
Measurement Time S/O 1ms/Pin〜
Component test 0.75ms〜
Inspection items・range
Shot(all pins contact)/
Open test
Threshold values:Select from 5Ω、20Ω、80Ω
Resistance 0.001Ω〜40.00MΩ
In case of low resistance measurement, Kelvin MPX is highly recommended .(Option)
Capacitor 10.0pF〜40mF
Coil 10μH〜40H
Diode 0.1V〜9.9V
Digital Transistor Measurement Vce(Vce=0.1V〜9.9V)
Photo Coupler Function ON/OFF
Power current limit 10mA
Current measurement 0.1μA〜20mA(Bias 0.01V〜9.99V)
Capacitor polarity check PASS/FAIL
Function Test 0.1V〜9.9V

Machine Specification

OS Windows10 32bit
CPU Celeron G540
Display 17inch color LCD display
Power supply AC100V〜240V ±10%(50/60)
External interface RS232C Ethernet USB(2.0)
Panel size(Typical) 420mm×330mm Standard
Printer Thermal(paper width:57mm single color)
System dimension 730mm×800mm×1540mm
Air pressure 0.4〜0.6Mpa(Dry clean air)
Environment condition Temperature:10℃〜30℃, Humidity:0%〜80%
System weight 130Kg
Power consumption 130VA
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