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Multi Function Module | FX-700

FX-700 Main Unit


FX700 package standard functions such as the voltage wave pattern measurement/ analysis, the frequency measurement/ digital input/output/ the DA output offer it for low price.
Capable of measuring most of inspection requirement with only this unit!

  • Oscilloscope
  • Frequency Counter
  • Function Generator
  • Digital Input/Output


Oscilloscope Function

2CH,12bit,40M-SPS A/D conversion

Waveform/Voltage Output Function

Installing a high speed D/A converter, it is capable of producing various kinds of waveforms, up to maximum 2MHz.

Digital I/O Function

8bit I/O changeable ports are provided in 4 channels.

Multi-functional high speed universal counter

Capable of measuring frequency, average frequency pulse width and cycle.

USB Connection

Connects with PC using USB 2.0 bus.

Standalone Operation

Nonvolatile memory is built in the unit. Standalone operation without using PC can be performed for measurement, I/O port setting waveform output and Go/No Go Judgment in accordance with memorized sequence.

Space-saving test package

Compact body size: 146mm(W)x221mm(D)x42mm(H)
Application as a desktop type tester or incorporatinginto a universal fixture is easy.

Integrated software

Test strategy environment is easily achievable with the use of optional software "FX-Builder/Tester.


Voltage Waveform Input (FGT)
Number of channels 2ch
Resolution 12bit
Max. sampling frequency 20MSPS/2ch
Max. voltage ±40V
Input impedance 1MΩ
Input coupling AC/DC
Universal Counter Function (FCT)
Kinds of measurement Frequency /Average Cycle Counter
Input Common voltage measurement, 2ch
Max. frequency 20MHz
Digital I/O (DIO)
Number of channels 32ch (32bit)
Standard 5V-TTL Compatible
Waveform Signal Output
Number of channels 1ch
Max. frequency 2MHz
Max. voltage range ±10V
DAC Output
Number of channels 2ch
Voltage range ±10V

FX700 Oscilloscope Panel
FX700 Oscilloscope Panel Software
FX700 Digital I/O Panel Software
FX700 Digital I/O Panel Software
FX700 Frequency Counter Panel Soft Panel
FX700 Frequency Counter Panel Software
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