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Short/Open Tester | FX-210

FX-210 (128pin, M-BOX)


  • All pins contact method which is used in short/open test of our in-circuit tester will be executed.
  • It is no need to generate complex test programs as reference values are calculated from good device.
  • User may need to connect PC in case you want to modify programs.
  • 99 kinds of inspection programs can be saved in the tester main unit.
  • FX 210 series are 3 different models which are FX 210(test pins can be expanded until MAX 128pins),FX-210L(test pins can be expanded until MAX 512pins)and FX 211(High voltage resistance).


Mesurement Spec.
Threshold for learning network 20ohm (Default)
Threshold for short test 5ohm (Default)
Threshold for open test 80ohm (Default)
Applied test voltage 100mV
Measuring Current 20mA (MAX)
(All thresholds are programmable)
MPX card-Withstand voltage of semiconductor switch FX-210: -5 to +10V
FX-211: -100V to +100V
Test Points Standard 128pins (1pc*MPX) to Maximum 512pins (4pcs*MPX)
can be optionally added on (per 128Pins)
Control RISC-CPU, USB2.0, External control I/Os, DC5V power adapter
Test programs are saved in to the main flash memory.
(Maximum number of program : 100)

2 line 16 characters LCD and with backlight

  • Test execution screen
  • Threshold level display
  • Network data learning screen
  • Pin search screen
  • Counter display
  • Equipment setting screen (ex: ON/OFF of printer/ buzzer)
  • Network data save screen
  • Re-test setting screen
  • Equipment maintenance screen (operation self-diagnosis) etc.

LED display

  • PASS lamp/ FAIL lamp
    The TEST lamp lights while measuring
Buzzer /th> PASS and FAIL output by buzzer built-in main body (ring volume of buzzer can be set.)
Front panel Power supply ON/OFF switch
MENU, right arrow, down arrow, switch
(for LCD display selection and for set level change)
External I/F USB2.0, Serial port for printer. (The printer is option)
External contact output signal: PASS FAIL judgment, press UP DOWN, and END signal
External contact point input signal: Start, Stop and Auto
General specification
Power supply 5VDC power supply AC-DC adaptor (100V)
Size 146(W) x 221(L) x 42(H) mm (128pins FX210)
146(W) x 221(L) x 85(H) mm (512pins FX210L)
Temperature 5-35℃
Humidity 20 - 80% (without dew)
Weight 1.8kg

FX210 test execution screen
FX210 test execution screen
FX210 data program screen
FX210 data program screen
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