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FX710 is a useful & reasonable solution package instruments which implement various standard multiplex function checking such as measurement both of voltage and current, analysis of them, to apply signal or voltage, and to check digital I/O.
It realizes several measurements instead of the following instruments which are related to DC power supply (50/60hz).

  • DMM (Digital multi meter)
  • SRC (Voltage/Waveform source)
  • DIO (Digital I/O)
  • MPX (Multiplexer)


Digital Multi Meter Function

FX-710 can judge Go or Nogo.It is the most suitable instrument for your production lines’ use.
It can execute measurements accordingly as per designated times and time interval.

Waveform/Voltage Output Function

FX-710 can generate several waveforms which their range is up to 9.9kHz due to high precision 16bit D/A converter and analog circuit design.

Digital I/O Function

FX-710 has 3 channels which have each input-output switching 8bit port.

MPX-Signal Relay Multiplexer Function

FX-710 has two ports of 1:8 channels Signal Relay Multiplexer.

USB connection

USB 2.0 bus connection between FX-710 and PC. It is very easy compare to PCI bus connection.

Standalone Operation

Non-volatile memory is integrated in FX-710. It can perform several functions such as measurement ,I/O port setting, waveform output , Go or No Go Judgment as per memorized sequence even if it is stand alone without PC .

Space-saving test package

Compact body size design:
Body size: 146(W)x221(D)x42(H)
FX-710 can install into the drive bay inside PC as well as CD-ROM drive.
It is easy to connect with universal fixture and table type tester.

Integrated software

It will be possible to construct test environment easily if you buy FX Builder/tester software.


DMM-Digital Multi Meter
Channel 1ch
Voltage range AC、DC 200mV to 200V
Current range AC、DC 20mA to 2A
Resistance measurement range 200Ω to 20MΩ
Conductive test
Diode test
Measurement period(
6samples/sec (Slow mode)
Measurement accuracy 4・1/2 digit
SRC-Voltage and Waveform Outputr/th>
Kinds of AC/DC-1ch、DC-2ch
Max. frequency 9.999kHz
Waveform Sine wave, Square wave, Pulse wave, Triangular wave, Sawtooth wave (Rise,Fall)
Max. voltage range ±12V
DIO-Digital I/O
Channel 24ch (3x8bit)
Standard 5V-TTL Compatible
port:channels 1:8
Circuits 2
Max. circuit voltage ±60V

FX710 DMM Panel Software
FX710 DMM Panel Soft
FX710 DIO Panel Software
FX710 DIO Panel Soft
FX710 SRC Panel Software
FX710 SRC Panel Soft
Function Test Module | FX Series back-FX
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