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Multi LED Lightning Color Inspection Module | FX-950



FX 950 realize the real time judgement of chromaticity and brightness of LED on the SMT board which it is not easy to judge by human eye. Operator can understand the judgement results easily as they are displayed numerically and also shown in chromaticity table. It is possible to inspect the high brightness now. It should provide to improve yield rate dramatically and not to release any defective products as it can judge the initial failure, lightning failure, Electrostatic breakdown accurately .


Measurement Method Fiber + Color Sensor
Mesurement Item Chromaticity measurement
Intensity changeable function  2 range intensity changeable
(User can set the integration time)
Range Wide dynamic range 
The number of Measurement 48points Each points individual measurements
Exposure changeable 
Judgement chromaticity(X,Y) Brightness
Optical fiber 1m Φ1.0 with both edge Ferrule 

FX700 Oscilloscope Panel
FX-950 Panel Software
FX950 checker unit
Hand Cheker Unit with FX-950
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