IC/BGA Tester|Focus-2005



Our Focus2005 is very suitable IC/BGA checker for the following cases.
  • As a screening checker to detect defective devices(mainly electrostatic destruction)which are returned from fields before failure analysis process of IC/LC in the quality assurance division of semiconductor manufacture.
  • As a screening checker to detect defective devices before acceptance inspection by IC/LSI expensive tester at semiconductor company(trading, manufacture)
  • Short/Open checker for semiconductor sensor device.

It is possible to measure two kinds of measurements which are constant voltage biased current measurement and constant current biased voltage measurement. User can set the threshold of 10 ranks. (auto measurement)
Only device can be measured. It is also possible to fabricate the test fixture.
Various devices can be measured by replacing the socket board.
It is no need to generate complex test programs as reference values are calculated from good device.
It can be expanded by adding multiplexer boards which are 128pins per one board.(MAX 2048pins)


Test Point Standard 1024Pins to the maximum of 2048 pins in the multiple of 128 pins
TEST STEP No limit but depends on the capacity of the storage medium.
TEST MODE Apply constant voltage, measure current
Apply constant current, measure voltage
TEST METHOD All pins tested by measurement between specified pins
THRESHOLD O,A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,S level of measurement standard threshold are obtained automatically by learning data from a known good board or IC/LSI.
CURVE TRACE Curve trace is an available as a standard part.

Test Screen
Test Screen
Edit Screen
Edit Screen
Curve Trace
Curve Trace Screen

Threshold Screen
Test Head
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