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Motorized Press Unit


Motorized Press Unit
No air compressor

High performance Electric Press Unit. It requires only power supply inlet.

High accurate positioning

It achieved position accuracy of 0.2mm for press height position by electrical(robo)cylinder. It is compatible for different pin height of other brand fixtures flexibly.

Reduce running cost

User needs only one fixture which has two step probe pin stroke structure. It covers two different inspection types which are In-circuit test(ICT all pins contacting) and Function test(FCT :only required pins contacting) .It is no need to replace the fixture after the inspection.

Communication software function

User can change up-down speed and press height by operating PC.

Compatible for other brand testers

Compatible for other brands using micon control


Machine Configuration
Press structure Electric(Robo)Cylinder
Drive method Timing belt method(16mm ball screw, 60pulse)
Motor Spec Brand:IAI MODEL:RCP2-RA8R-I-60P-5-150-P4-P-8-MT1(150mm)
Max allowable load 2000N(MAX pressing force)
Electromagnetic brak Yes(DC24Vpower supply integrated)
MAX pins * 1024pins/180g(probe pressure)calculation(MAX force :200Kg)
MAX fixture dimension (W)528 × (D)370mm
Press stroke 150mm(MAX)
Push Rod 120mm/80mm(Need to specify the height)
Weight About 85Kg

* Max press up velocity will be 90mm/s in case the force is over 150Kg.

Electrical Configuration
External supplied power AC220V/1.5A or DC12V/2A(DC24V integrated)
Power consumption 200W(MAX)
Dimension (W)630x(D)530x(H)810mm(beside LCD display)
Minimum height(Adjustment) 194.6mm±1mm
IF connector S-1620A + P-1620A-STA(HIROSE electric)
Position controller Brand:IAI MODEL:PCON-CFB-60PWAI-NP-2-0-DN
Position control method Encoder
Repeatability At minimum height, within 0.1mm(beside bottom height, it is 0.5mm)
Basic drive control BRAND:RENESAS MICON IF board+Position controller
Communication control IF Setting changeable by MODBUS specified cable(At RESET LED is blinking)
Safety sensor spec Area sensor、Back door switch
For fixture、work OK stamp 4(units)
Input switch Press UP/DOWN, Press DOWN, Emergency stop
Position sensor Start position(Option), bottom edge position(Option)
Press button Switch RESET SW, AUTO SW(invalid in Focus2000 mode)
Digital Transistor Measurement Vce(Vce=0.1V〜9.9V)
Photo Coupler Function ON/OFF
Power current limit 10mA
Current measurement 0.1μA〜20mA(Bias 0.01V〜9.99V)
Capacitor polarity check PASS/FAIL
Function Test 0.1V〜9.9V
LED RESET LED(yellow)、Alarm LED(Red)、Area sensor indicator light、AUTO LED(Green)
Others Bottom edge, Upper edge, Start, Stop, Stamp etc.
Down position, Velocity(Press Down)Changeable(2 steps/DIPSW)
Up velocity(Press Up)Changeable
Upper limit start position changeable(2 steps/DISPSW)
Re-try setting(Up position at re-try)
Upper side 2 stage probe up position(4 steps/DISPSW)
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