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Advanced Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) | V510 3D

Advanced Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) | V510i Optimus 3D


Advanced Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) |@V510i Optimus 3D
What's V510i Optimus 3D?

V510 has high productivity, the superior detection capability and inductory fastest inspection speed. It is by High Speed Multi Frequency Phase Shift Profile technology and simultaneous inspection method of 2D/3D. V510 can inspect that without influencing the surface condition and the warp of the board by unique lighting technology. By much algorithm, inspevtion of the component smoothness and the very small component is possible.

3D Lighting
3D Lighting

Structured lighting with mutiple colour LEDs provides the richest image options in the market.
This is an in-house development of high speed, high resolution miniature projector with telecentric lens. Multiple projectors installed in the 3D module to illuminate the fringe pattern lighting from different directions to minimize occlusion. The V510 Optimus 3D AOI is using high speed multi frequency Phase Shift Profilometry's (PSP) methodology.
The system is using 3D Inspection concurently to achieve high productivity and high detectability.B

Lifted Lead

Lifted lead detection is based on ViTrox's proprietary smart fitting algorithm concept.
It is invariant to board surface colour and board warpage.
All the lifted lead value(mm)is calculated from the virtual plane formed by ViTrox's proprietary smart fitting algorithm.

Lifted Lead
Universal Cross Section

This algorithm serves as an on demand, generic inspection tool.
User can freely locate the tool to perform any height related inspection. Error name can be defined by user.
An inverse logic option is available for greater flexibility.

Universal Cross Section

Coplanarity calculates the parallelism between component surface and the board surface using 3D data.
Non-wetting solder detectability proven by resolution @20ƒΚm height meassurement.

Black Colour PCB + Multicolour PCB

3D measurement is performing well even for black PCB. The missing part inspection of black component on the black PCB can be done much easier.

Black Colour PCB + Multicolour PCB

This algorithm is using height map to detect missing component easily.
No parameter tuning is required.
Algorithm is invariant to board surface colour.


3D AOI is capable of Inspecting the 01005 (0402M) chip with optimal inspection coverage.



PCB Dimension
Minimum PCB Size (L x W) 50x50mm (2hx2h)
Maximum PCB Size (L x W) 510x510mm (20hx20h)
Upgradable PCB Length Option (L x W) 610x510mm (24hx20h)
PCB Thickness 0.5mm-4mm (0.02h-0.16h)
Maximum PCB Weight 3kg
Top Side of PCB 50mm @ 23um resolution
38mm @ 19um resolution
11mm @ 11um resolution
(calculated from board top surface)
Bottom Side of PCB 70mm
Panel Edge 3.5mm (0.14h)
Panel width tolerance 3mm
Maximum PCB Warpage Compensation }5mm (0.2")
PCB Transport Height 856mm - 965mm (33.7hx38h)
System Performances
Camera & Inspection Speed 4MP Camera Link Camera: Approx 37cm2/sec @ 20um resolution
12MP CoaXPress Camera: Approx 60cm2/sec @ 15um resolution
Camera FOV 4MP : 40x40 mm @ 20um resolution
12MP : 60x45 mm @ 15um resolution
Optical Resolution 20um, 15um, 13um or 11um telecentric lens*
3D Technologies Phase Shift Profilometryfs (PSP) methodology with 4-way projectors
Lighting Module Concurrent Lighting Module
Phase Shift Profilometry's (PSP) Methodology with 4-Way Projectors
Footprint 1060mm (W) x 1352mm (D) x 2028mm (H)
Weight ~750 kgs
Electrical Supplies 100-120 V, 16A/200-240V, 8A Single Phase
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