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One-Shot Image Checker | Focus-6500IA(TASCAL)



Pattern Matching

This is the image checker which inspects boards by comparing pre-registered reference image with captured image of inspected board.(Pattern Matching processing)

「Very easy」Quick compare mode

Quick compare mode without any programming .Everyone can start to inspect boards right now!

High quality focusing

User can select fine or rough of image per 0.6 square millimeters easily.


It is possible to acquire one shot image of inspected board which size is below W155X210mm as imaging range is wide. In case of W310XD210mm(Msize) board, the board image can be acquired as two shot images . It realized a significant reduction of total inspection cycle time for both acquired time and inspection time.

Inspection Contents

Advance AOM(Options)
  1. Measure the offset of components
  2. Measure both the length of components and distance between two components
  3. Check characters
  4. Check color code of resistance
  5. Read barcodes

Offline software(Options)

This is a useful software which will be installed to your PC. In case you can’t use machines in order to generate projects(programs) due to high production line volume, you can do on your PC without any machines.

The key point of project generation by offline software
"Although you want to generate new project, the machine is fully occupation for production."
Please save some board images which are acquired from the system into USB pen drive. Then, please transfer them to your PC that offline software is installed. Now, you can generate projects without your system. And it is recommended to acquire four or more board images in order to reduce fluctuation when you generate projects in offline software.


Program generation mode
Quick mode
(Quick Compare mode)
No need to generate program, operator just specify image division number and acceptable range
Advance mode
(Advance mode)
Individual detail inspection mode(Option)
Inspection contents
Presence/absence、polarity、shift、color difference Check color code・color compare
Check character code・Square area measurement
Measure component shifting
Solder presence/absence Solder presence/absence only
(it might be impossible up to solder shape
Foreign material inspection Inspect whether there is foreign material or not
Image quick compare function
Individual inspection item setting function
report generation function
Inspection image save function
Quick mode(Quick Compare mode)
Advance mode(Advance mode)
Board size
MIN:50mmX50mm(will acquire image over 2 times in case the size is over 158mm for flow direction)
Inspection chip capability
Over 1608 chip size
Character check over 2125 size chip
LSI: over 0.65mm pitch  others: Lead device
Image input
Camera Industrial camera
Resolution 1.4 million pixels
Pixel 50μm/pixel
Frame range 158mmX212mm(Standard :2 points )
Lightning High intensity LED lightning
CPU Intel(R)Core?I7-870 processor
メモリ 8GB
OS Windows(R)7 Professional(64bit)
Outline dimension In-line model: W650×D750×H1450
* As per customer request
* Without indicator light
* No air pressure
Power supply AC100V〜240V Single phase below 50/60Hz 1KVA
* As per customer request
* No air pressure
Loading Belt method
Board loading height 900mm±10mm
Width adjustment Manual
System I/F Conform to SEMEMA1.2
Auto width adjustment(Option)
Offline editor・Inspection software
Other conveyors(Optional)
Temperature 10℃〜35℃
Humidity 80%( non-condensing)
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