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コンビネーションテスター Focus-4000

Combination Tester | Focus-4000

コンビネーションテスター Focus-4000

Several inspections at one tester unit

In-circuit Test + Function Test
In-circuit Test + Flash/ROM programming (On-Board Programming)
Function Test + Flash/ROM programming (On-Board Programming)
Both In-circuit test and Function test can be done at only one fixture.

[Note] In case you want to do high voltage function test using over 10V, in-circuit test circuit is protected by separating it in the relay board.


Standard configuration

  • Programmable power supply(User can select big volume or high accuracy model)
  • Fixed power supply (5V/12V/24V acceptable)
  • High accuracy current measurement(MAX 2A) - FX710
  • Voltage measurement MAX 16points(within +/-60V) - FX710
  • Short relays 16pcs (MAX current 1A) - FX620
  • 24CH digital input output pins(8pcs per unit, IN/OUT setting) - FX700/FX710
  • 16 open corrector output for controlling external relays
  • 16 port (simultaneously 2 ports ) Oscilloscope channel for observing wave form
  • Communication function RS232C/GPIB(Standard)、CAN/LIN communication, Programmer(Options)
  • Focus-2000Plus unique in-circuit Test(ICT)function

[Note] Order-made tester can be produced as per customer requests.

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