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インライン型全自動検査装置 ALMAX

In-Line Full Automatic Testing System | ALMAX


Automated press unit with board loading belt.
ALMAX can become automated in-line type in-circuit tester in case our ICT is integrated. And it also can become automated in-line function tester as well.
PLC is not used in order to reduce cost as a PC control mechanical part.
Press unit is 4 shaft structures which reduce unbalanced load and contact fail of probe pins.

インライン型全自動検査装置 ALMAX
(Left)In-Line Full Automatic ICT&FCT integration /(Right)In-Line Full Automatic ICT 


Specification Content Baseline
PCB Spec. Maximum PCB Size 250mm(H) x 330mm(W)
Minimum PCB Size 50mm(H) x 50mm(W)
Board thickness 0.8mm - 1.6mm
Board shape Boards are conveyed with the widest dimension front to rear.
Allowable warp 2mm max
Board weight 1.2Kg or less
Top side component height 70mm
Bottom side component height 20mm
Component free areas 3mm from board edges
Board positioning method Fixed guide pins (2pics or more)
Positioning guide hole Precision tooling holes of 2 to 4mm(dia.) at least 5mm from board edges
Machine Spec. Direction of board travel Right to left (std.) Left to Right (option)
Board positioning Front leading edge of board
Board carriage area 3mm from edge of board
Carriage height 880mm ± 960mm
Test interval Tact time of 10 sec. +Testing time
AC source supply AC100V (Optionally 100V - 240V)
AC source supply tolerance ±10%
AC source voltage frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Air pressure 0.5MPa
Operating temperature 5℃ - 35℃
Operating humidity 30% - 80%
Allowable variation of floor surface ±10mm
Color Munsell Color Code : 5Y8/1
Dimensions 860(W) x 680(L) x 1397(H)
(exclude LCD & Signal Tower)
Weight 300Kg -
Mesurement unit Spec. Tester ICT:Focus-280Plus
MPX board (128PIN/pcs) Standard:2pcs (Optionally to Max:16pcs)
Fixture cable 34 conductor manually connected cable
Fixture method式 Top press
Carrying method Timing belt
Carriage width adjustment manually


QR Buffer Convair
Flash/ROM Writing (Programming)
One-Touch Receiver
Valuable PCB Transfer Speed
Auto Carriage Width Adjustable

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