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Function Test Programming Software FX-Builder

Function Test Programming Software | FX-Builder

Function Test Programming Software FX-Builder

Function Test Programming Software FX-Builder

What's FX-Builder?

FX-Builder is a newly born software to create and run Test Program for Focus-FX series modules. Since it uses a table format for programming, it allows easy creation of Test Program even for a PC beginner with a little knowledge through training for basic operation method and ; in addition, it is so designed for enabling people other than a creator of the Test Program to understand operation flow of the program easily.

Function Test Programming Software FX-Builder


  1. Test program can be set easily in such as way as if one writes a sentence.
  2. Start and operation capability are significantly enhanced as compared with existing software.
  3. Plug-in structure of extendability for software and hardware.
  4. Function are limited to usable range depending on duty rank of workers.
  5. Easy Operation
  • Hardware can be operated on Tester Control Window. All operations can be performed through keyboard. Visibility is enhanced with high contrast during test.

  • The measuring instrument control screen operates only when the FX module is used.

Function Test Programming Software FX-Builder

Outline of operation method

On main window (Fig.1), the user can program a whole test program flow and; when each item is clicked on, a control window is displayed respectively and; the user can program parameters in detail. It can be created as if the user writes one sentence of a row for every run step in such a way to ask for "When (No.), What (Target), How (Method, System or Type), What happened as the result (Measurement and Result) and How long should it wait for (Delay).

When FX module is specified for the operation object, method is clicked, the operation panel like a general measuring instrument, The measurement condition etc. can be easily set.

Function Test Programming Software FX-Builder
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